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Contributor III
Contributor III

Exclude value using wildcard

Among a few other names I am looking to exclude, I need 123Test to be excluded. This is the last name for all of our test patients, so I do not want it in my data. I have tried multiple variations but my data continues to have these patients. Please let me know what is wrong with my formula below. As an example a test patients name is 123Test, Cathy.

WildMatch(Upper(ApplyMap('PatientNameMap', patientID, Null())), 'TEST,*', '*, TEST', '*TEST1*', '*123Test*', '123Test,', '123Test*', '123Test,*', '123Test, *', '*TEST2*', '*TEST3*', '*TEST4*', '*RESEARCH*', '*MEETING*', '*MTG, *')=0

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Partner - Master III
Partner - Master III

If you are doing this in Load Script,

Then try

Load *

where not wildmatch(PatientName,'TEST,*', '*, TEST', '*TEST1*', '*123Test*', '123Test,', '123Test*', '123Test,*', '123Test, *', '*TEST2*', '*TEST3*', '*TEST4*', '*RESEARCH*', '*MEETING*', '*MTG, *');

Load *,

Upper(ApplyMap('PatientNameMap', patientID, Null()))) as PatientName

From .....


Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

Your WildMatch() = 0 looks OK*, so I suspect the problem may be in your mapping. Not and =0 are functionally the same thing.

*except for some unnecessary redundancy

'*123Test*' will cover all these as well: '123Test', '123Test*', '123Test,*', '123Test, *'

WildMatch() is case insensitve, so the Upper() is also redundant. "123Test" is not uppercase anyway.

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