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Contributor III

Execute Stored Procedure in Qlik Sense

Hi All, 

I am trying to run a stored procedure using Parameters in Qlik sense,  the script runs successfully but it does not give me the expected results.

Note: The Query for the sproc is parameterized meaning, It expects a parameter to be passed when calling it. 


LIB CONNECT TO 'SNW_Datawarehouse_RO (Test)';

Load *;
SQL call DBO.test_sproc(8977000);

Expected Result:

When I am running the Sproc in the Database, it gives me the expected results such as Amount for the ID. as shown below in the screenshot. 


Result in Qlik :

When I run the Script, it runs successfully. but it does not give me the Amount for the ID, it creates 'Sproc name' as Column and Parameter as value.  I am looking to pull data with the parameter being passed. 


Can Some experts please help with this? 

@sinanozdemir @ @Anil_Babu_Samineni 

Thanks and Regards. 

Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows Sep 2020

Database: SnowFlake


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@AjjuSid  What parameter you expect to be call in procedure?

Can you please explain a bit about your needs between DB and Qlik

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