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Export multiple formats for a single column correctly to Excel

I have a pivot table, where a single has multiple formats (which are set within the measure expression). When I export the pivot table to Excel the formats aren’t identified correctly and calculations deliver wrong results.

Is there a way to make Excel identify the formats correctly?


To demonstrate the problem, I’ve created the following pivot-table as an example:



  • In column 1 the format is set in the menu to ‘#.##0,0’.
  • In column 2 the format is set in the expression to '#.##0,00 €'
  • In column 3 the format is set in the expression, depending on the dimension value (that’s the column that creates the issue)


Exporting the pivot-table to Excel shows the first problem: the values in column 3 aren’t identified as numbers, as they are left-aligned.

The even bigger problem is that calculations deliver wrong results: Trying to sum up the values for “Birne” and “Kirsche” the regular plus formula delivers the correct results. However, the sum-function only works for column 1 and column 2 but fails to deliver a correct result for column 3 (marked yellow in the screenshot below).




Thanks for your help!

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