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File data not updating

Hi all, 

I have a really confusing issue that I never had before. 

We have 2 servers; 1 Dev, 2 Live

We have over 8 customer dashboards published,

We initially exported the app from Dev to Live server, then published the apps on both servers separately, then got the dashboard codes of both servers (ex; 0e997c2e-c75d-43e4-8a87-e4dc0de7b93c)

we reload the dashboards on the Dev server then we transfer the file from QlikSense_Resources\Apps folder to the Live folder source, 

We transfer the apps from Server 1 to Server 2 by Windows Task Scheduler. We have been fine for over 3 years, and all 7 dashboards are fine till now, but we have a very confusing issue with last dashboard, 

The app reloads on S1, then transfers the file fine to S2 but when the dashboard transfers to Server 2, the only thing that gets updated is (Reloaded time/Date) other than that the data within the dashboard it doesn't get updated, which doesn't reflect the dashboard from Server 1.

Would you please be able to help with this issue?

Steps taken:
we have completely removed the dashboard from S2 , then exported the app from qmc at S1, imported to qmc at S2, then published the app with the Stream dedicated for this server, the file and data gets updated, but when we run the Task scheduler job, all that gets transferred is the Reloaded date/time and the data kept as old


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