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Getting Sheet Thumbnails via REST API

I'm trying to get the URL of the thumbnail that has been defined for each sheet in an app via the Qlik Sense REST API.

So far I have discovered that you can get a list of sheets via /qrs/app/object/full and a list of content, including the thumbnail image URL that I want, via /qrs/app/content/full.

At this point, the missing piece is how to link them together to determine which content URL goes with which sheet.  I don't notice any commonality in the IDs.  Is there another endpoint that will give me linkage information or am I missing something?

Thank you.

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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Did you figure this out Shon?


Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Sebastian,

I searched on this community but didn't found an answer

Refering to the original post creator, I have the same question.


There are several api endpoints to get object data: for example /qrs/app/full, qrs/app/object/full, and qrs/app/content/full

I'd like to get the list of app id, app name, app thumbnail,

and lower level which I need app's sheets, sheet name, sheet thumbnail and so on.

Seems that I need to combined them all which causes bad performance to our server

Any suggestion?, or there other api endpoint for this?

Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

Sheet and app thumbnails are available via the engine JSON API, not the repository service.
You can use enigma.js to connect to the engine service, and then get/modify for example sheet thumbnails. 

If you want examples you can take a look at the code in Butler Sheet Icons, which is a cross platform command line tool that automates the creation of sheet thumbnails. Basically taking screen shots of each sheet, uploading the images to a content library and then setting the images as sheet icons.

Node.js code available at

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