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Hide sheets visually

For an App we have a large number of sheets, which makes the app difficult to navigate from the sheets overview.

I would like to hide a number of sheets which are not needed to navigate to directly.

In QLIK we have the option to hide a sheet, but as far as I see this prohibits access instead of only hiding the sheet visually.

My question: Is there a way to hide sheets only visually (or group them together) to reduce the number of sheets that are shown in the sheet overview? 

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I haven't  tried this myself, but what if you create a show condition that is only valid when you navigate to your sheet (by navigation buttons of some kind), and invalid when navigating from the sheet?

If your in Qlik SaaS or Qlik Sense  February 2023 then you could try using objectid() to control you show condition.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi, JSmit,

I will share a qvf that can do what you want.

Basiclly, when you click on the button, it changes the variable value and redirect for a specific sheet. The variable value makes the "show condition" of the sheet true, so the sheet is visible. When you click on the back button, it changes the value to 'None' and the sheet is hiden again.

Find me on linkedin: