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How do I add two different dates into one date field

Here is my scenario I have two different Dates Sale Date and order Date these two dates in one table but these are two separate fields I want to have only one field like in this case I want to have only one date which is sales date i want order date to merge into that how do i do that

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Could you write an example what logic do you want to use in the merging?


May be you need this?

Canonical Date


1/ you create one master calendar that range from first date possible last date possible.

2/ add a calendar type field to that calendar and give a new field called "calendar type" the value "order"

3/ concatenate (duplicate) that calendar table, but without that field  "calendar type" and add a new value to "calendar type", with the value "sales".

you now have 1 master calendar that works for both dates, just demand the user to always choose one of the two "date types"


Robert Svebeck

Svebeck Consulting AB

Svebeck Consulting AB