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Creator II
Creator II

How to add conditional formatting in a pivot table

Hi I would like to add conditional formatting in a pivottable. I would like to be every value under 70% to be red, between 70 and 85 to be orange and above 85 to be green.

Conditional formatting.PNG

I know I should use master items under measures though when I fill in the specifics under segment colors and then create, nothing happens to my table. The colors remain white. Also I would like to have different colors then displayed in the image -> how to adjust?



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You can create conditions background and text color like in Pivot table

If([Your measure]<=Num(0.7, '#,0%'), Red(), If([Your measure]>Num(0.7, '#,0%') and [Your measure]<=Num(0.85, '#,0%'), Yellow(), Green()))

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In Pivot table, under the expression, if you expand the expression further down there is the section for background and text colour expression. In there you can define the criteria you wanted to use for conditional colour changes.