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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

How to check previous Logs of executed tasks in QS-QMC?

Hello everyone,

to get latest data every morning we scheduled the initial task for 5am and 7am each morning.

We now got the feedback that some tasks failed in the first run at 5am. When I enter the office (most commonly this takes place after 7 am) I can only check the log of the task scheduled for 7am by:

-     entering QS-QMC

-     going into section 'tasks'

-     check column 'Status' of failed task and clicking on 'i' for information --> 'Download script Log'

Folks, is there a way to get visibility of logs which ran previously (similarly as in QV QMC)?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Serjoscha,

You can find Qlik Sense previous tasks logs in the following directory:


Best regards,


Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Thanks Susana.

I was more looking for a way to check logs via QMC as the server is owned by a customer and we do not have access to this machina via remote. But if remote works this would be the most common solution, thanks.