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Contributor II
Contributor II

How to evaluate text data from different fields as a whole?

Hello guys,

I hope someone can understand my "struggle" and has an idea how to deal with it. Since I'm still quite new to to Qlik be patient, thanks! 😊

I got a messy Excel file. One column contains names of persons who are responsible for particular tasks. Sometimes this column contains just one name, sometimes two or more names divided by "," or ";" or "/" or something else... After loading the data, I used the Qlik functionality to split the names. As a result I do now have 4 columns (data fields) in Qlik  which contain the names. Sometimes just one name in the 1st column, sometimes two names in both the 1st and 2nd column, etc. Maybe important: the name of a person can appear in every column (but of course not within one data record).

Is there a way to evaluate this data (from these 4 columns) as whole even the names are in different columns? For example if Max Smith appears 8 times in column A and 3 times in column B, how can I show that he is involved in a total of 11 tasks (e.g. in a chart)?

Thank you!

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maybe you could try with an expression like this