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Creator III
Creator III

How to show total as number and below split as in percentage in the Pivot table in Qliksense...?

we need to show the first row which is nothing but total as in Number and remaining rows in the below should show in percentage...

as of now either we can show the entire table in the number or percentage format. but this is bit customizing. 

Any ideas for achieving the below will be helpful. Thanks 

@sunny_talwar @jonathandienst @Anil_Babu_Samineni any other expert pls advise is it possible to show total as in number and its split by month as in percentage in the same column. 


attaching the sample data.

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Creator III
Creator III

Hi @vishalgoud ,

In the measure you can add a conditional calculation like this and leave the Number formatting on Auto:

if(Mobile = 'Activation', num(Sum([Field]),'###,##0'), num(Sum([field]),'##0%'))



Creator III
Creator III

Hi Anthony, 

thanks for the reply, 


= if(Flg_Cancelled = 1 , 'Cancelled',

  if(MonthStart(Sales_Date) = MonthStart(Activation_Date), Dual('Current Month',1),

if(MonthStart(Sales_Date)= AddMonths(MonthStart(Activation_Date),-1),Dual('Current Month - 1',2),

if(MonthStart(Sales_Date)= AddMonths(MonthStart(Activation_Date),-2),Dual('Current Month - 2',3),

if(MonthStart(Sales_Date)= AddMonths(MonthStart(Activation_Date),-3),Dual('Current Month - 3',4),

if(MonthStart(Sales_Date)= AddMonths(MonthStart(Activation_Date),-4),Dual('Current Month - 4',5),

if(MonthStart(Sales_Date)= AddMonths(MonthStart(Activation_Date),-5),Dual('Current Month - 5',6),

if(MonthStart(Sales_Date)= AddMonths(MonthStart(Activation_Date),-6),Dual('Current Month - 6',7),

if(MonthStart(Sales_Date)= AddMonths(MonthStart(Activation_Date),-7),Dual('Current Month - 7',8),

if(MonthStart(Sales_Date)= AddMonths(MonthStart(Activation_Date),-8),Dual('Current Month - 8',9),

if(MonthStart(Sales_Date)= AddMonths(MonthStart(Activation_Date),-9),Dual('Current Month - 9',10),

if(MonthStart(Sales_Date)= AddMonths(MonthStart(Activation_Date),-10),Dual('Current Month - 10',11),

if(MonthStart(Sales_Date)= AddMonths(MonthStart(Activation_Date),-11),Dual('Current Month - 11',12),

Dual('Current Month - 12+',13)



This is my calculated dimention and column is Activation_Year_Month.


please suggest the work around now. Thanks 





Hi, It's worth if you can share the QVF sample to see the possibility if there are many combinations?

Before develop something, think If placed (The Right information | To the right people | At the Right time | In the Right place | With the Right context)
Creator III
Creator III

Hi Anil, Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately using the Cloud version. not sure how i can i download the Qvf. 

May be we can restrict to first 5 current months should be fine.