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I have tried to use the JSON token made available in developer.qlik.com/me to unlock QS Desktop, but it doesn't work...


In the recent past, Qlik Sense Desktop (QSD) could be unlocked with a time-limited license (JSON token) that was available through developer.qlik.com/me (look for a big green button on the left side of the page).

The JSON token that I was using expired, so,  I went back to the developer site, downloaded a new token, and placed in ~\Documents\Qlik\Sense\trial.  Unfortunately, the token does not seem to be working with QSD November 2020 SR1.  The option to download a recent version of QSD that is available in the same page does not seem to be working either (it sends people to the QV download page).

So, has Qlik also withdrawn access to QSD to users registered in developer.qlik.com?

Please advise,


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Specialist II
Specialist II

Hi @jdiaz 

It is working for me, I downloaded the json file from the Qlik Branch web site; you should be sure you downloaded and installed the latest version of QSD, otherwise it will fail.


Arnaldo Sandoval
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Thank you Arnaldo for your response.

I didn't have the latest SR of QSD November 2020, so that might be the reason. 

However, I don't know if this happened to you (and I would appreciate your response as well), but if one clicks on the button to download QSD and follows the links provided, it will eventually land on the login prompt for the Qlik download site, where one would have to sign in using a Qlik Id.  After signing in, if the Qlik Id used is not associated with a Qlik customer or partner, the download page presented is only for QV, not for Qlik Sense.  I created another Qlik Id just to test this,and this images show where the process took me:



So, does this mean that a free, non-authenticated use of QSD is only available for this set of users, or can any developer that goes through all of these motions actually download the QSD and use it?  If only properly registered customers and partners can download it, perhaps it should be stated as such in the developer.qlik.com page