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Contributor II
Contributor II

I need to create 2 calculated columns using ranking from multiple columns

I have the following table:

Service NameJanRank in JanFebRank in FebMarRank in MarAprRank in AprRanking CounterLatest Month of Ranking


I have used Rank() in order to rank the number of tickets in  each month

Ex: since service ABC is having the highest no of tickets in Jan, it has rank 1 (Rank in jan). However the same service is in Rank 5 in Feb.. and so on.


I need a formula to calculate the last 2 columns...

If a particular service name is having a rank(<=20) in all the months, ranking counter must show 4 and the column named "latest month of ranking" would be Apr.

(Since that particular service falls under top 20 in all the months and the latest month being Apr)


Similarly, for service name KIJ, it has been in top 20 for 2 out of 4 months (jan and mar), thus the ranking counter must show 2 and the latest month would be Mar.

This calculation must be made dynamic whenever i  obtain the future month's data. i.e.. Next month i would get May data and create a column -- Rank in May.

At this point, the "ranking counter" and "latest month of ranking" must automatically reflect with the new changes.


Is there a feasible solution for this requirement?


1 Reply

if(rank(sum(Jan)) <='20',1,0)+
if(rank(sum(Feb)) <='20',1,0)+
if(rank(sum(Mar)) <='20',1,0)+
if(rank(sum(Apr)) <='20',1,0)


This will count the  ranks which is less than 20 . Any how you have to manually add the months .