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Contributor III
Contributor III

Identify Idle or available reload times?

Hello, looking for some guidance on reporting of reload tasks.

In reload monitor, I can see start and end time of all reload tasks, but I want to have a view of periods of time when there is no reload activity happening.

Essentially when a reload task finishes and there are no other tasks running, then that would be inactivity start time and then when the next task begins, the inactivity period would get an end time.

I've got views built to show next execution times, but this only works for the first reload task in the chain as the others are triggered on completion I haven't quite got the view I'd like to help understand what the reload profile looks like.

I've been struggling to figure this out and suspect I might need to do something in the load script and wondered whether anyone has managed something similar or has any pointers?


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I'm thinking you can create a master calendar of every minute of every day. And use IntervalMatch to map all of the times for reloads and then you can look for those minutes of each day with no reload tasks.