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Contributor II
Contributor II

In Qlik sense how to find "qpath"

I have created simple app in qlik sense. which contain 1 sheet inside sheet one table with 2 *2 .

I am using api explorer https://***/dev-hub/engine-api-explorer to get data with enigma js.

I need to get data which is displayed inside table on sheet. calling method GetHyperCubeData on Object..

I am not sure from where/how I can find "qPath" value.

Similar way there other couple of methods which also required "qPath" value.

Could someone help me out on this.

{ "handle": 2, "method": "GetHyperCubeData", "params": { "qPath": "", "qPages": [ { "qLeft": 0, "qTop": 0, "qWidth": 0, "qHeight": 0 } ] } }

I am getting error - { "jsonrpc": "2.0", "id": 4, "error": { "code": 8, "parameter": "Sub object path not found", "message": "Invalid parameters" }, "isHandled": true }

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Contributor II
Contributor II

@Anonymous team from qlik, please help me out on this issue. in documentation did not find how to find qpath 

Creator III
Creator III

Hello Sshelake,

qPath seems to be XPath for JSON of the object. You can use "Qlik Explorer for Developers" to easily get paths.

image.pngvar hyperCubeParam = {

"qPath": "/qHyperCubeDef",

"qPages": [
"qLeft": 0,
"qTop": 0,
"qWidth": 0,
"qHeight": 0