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Incremental Load

Hi in Incremental load i have two questions

Scenario 1:

 if there is no date column in DB then how we can do the incremental laod?


Scenario 2:

 In DB table  we have  total record count is 10 millions or more records then if we do  incremental load for deletion we will do  inner join with DB so this will read 10 millions this will act as performance issue right to overcome this wht is the best way

Note : for scenario 2 we have date column

both scenrio 1 & 2  are different 


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1) Incremental load does not require the use of a date field, it merely requires a value that will always go up (or down), can you identify and ID field that does that in your data? If not you may need to add one.

2) I'm not sure what you are asking here. Are you concerned about the performance cost of loading the additional data or of using the entire data set?