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Intra day load Qlik Sense or Partial Load

Hello Folks,

I would like to know if there's any efficient way to enable intraday load in Qlik Sense where App can be loaded for the incremental data multiple times in day. I am not referring to Incremental load of QVDs and chaining the App refresh tasks here. We have it already implement and it works fine!

What I am looking for is somewhat like the option of Partial load (using ADD , Replace in Qlikview). I understand that there is a plugin that enable partial load in Qlik Sense per this link,‌but does not seem exactly fitting our need or stable as of now.

On top of existing Incremental loads schedule, is there a way to enable multiple refreshes during the day say for specific tables (e.g Bridge Fact Table) but not all tables. Idea is not to stress the system during peak usage however, being able to selectively update data in Applications.

Guess the request is a bit vague here but that is the whole point of brainstorming eh!



- Eager to learn n grow,

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Specialist III
Specialist III

Since you are looking at specific tables, have you looked at direct query,

Specialist III
Specialist III

You can try EDX triggers for Qlik Sense.Look for Qlik Sense Task (i anticipate as i searched for it long time back)  in Qlik branch.