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JavaScript API - Filter in User Session

Hello Qlik Community,

I started using the javascript json api to communicate with qlik sense. Authentication, app listing, field listing etc. works fine. I came to the point where I have to create a session object to access parts of an app, ok.

Is it possible to get the users browser session? I mean if I set a filter via. the api it appears on my single configuration object, without manipulating the url?

I mean if I send an request using the "select"-method how can the selected values appear in my f.e. iframe embedded object/app?

For example.

Everytime I open a connection via wss to Qlik Sense I get the following in return:


jsonrpc: '2.0',

  method: 'OnConnected',

  params: { qSessionState: 'SESSION_CREATED' }


I want to access the users session which can be already open. The engine-explorer doesn't show such kind of function.


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