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Contributor III
Contributor III

KML does not display split of geographical areas (aggregate KML area).


I divided France using a KML file that works very well on google earth.
However when I go on QlikSense I have a problem with areas that have the same name for example :

  • Zone 1 : some area vectors - does not display on the map
  • Zone 1: some area vectors - does not display on the map
  • Zone 2: some area vectors - is displayed on the map

The problem is that Zone 1 is part of one and only one territory (sea coast and an island) and a calculation is applied to it.

How to display Zone 1 ???? I have the impression that Qlik doesn't like to have two identical names...



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Creator III
Creator III


Try this to see how it behaves in your case: in your script, add RowNo() to the Name.

Like:   Load Name&' '&Rowno() as Name, ...

Or concatenate your Name with another field in the map.