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Contributor III
Contributor III

Keep Data Anonymous

Hi All,

I am wondering if it is possible to keep my data anonymous within a Qlik App.

The requirement would be, that filtering is only possible if the result of applying a filter leaves more than one value open for selection in a reference field.

For example, lets look at a dataset where each row is a unique record with an unique ID in a field "ID".

Filtering should only be possible if the applied filters leave more than one value selectable in the "ID" -field and direct selection of single entries in this field should be also disabled. As a result the user should only be able to see data aggregated over two or more records.

(I am aware that setting multiple, partially exclusive filters can lead to inference about single records but I would consider this issue later)

Has anyone experience with this setup?

Thanks and best,


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Specialist II
Specialist II


you could too really scramble the datas,

replace names with a hashcode for example


Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Oliver,

thanks for your response.

Unfortunately aggregating is the only possible option here.

If I would hash names, etc, it would still be possible to filter down to one record and - with enough background knowledge - my user could identify the record with values in other fields. Altering all values would on the other hand render my app useless.

All in all my user should be allowed to see all aggregated values as long as at least two or more records are included.