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Contributor II
Contributor II

LineChart y-axis allignment

Hello All

I need to make the Y-axis to line up with each other, from top to bottom. As my app will have at least 4 LineCharts above each other, this is crucial to make it read-able and easy to understand..

The problem comes when the Y labels contain different amount of digits..

As you can see by the screenshot, i have replicated my problem in the Sales Discovery Demo App:


Can i somehow add static padding in the css file or is there a place where i can set a default number of digits for labels?

Temporary fix has been to add extra 0's to the labels to make everything line up, but for an error log where output is either 1 or 0 it begins to look silly.

Any tips or help is very welcome .. I am just trying to make the graphs easier to read and understand.

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