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Linechart with two lines for different timespans

Hello everyone.

I am trying to compare the trend of a measure over two different timespans.

i.e my data has sales of a product with dates like

order_id date products_sold
1 2022/05/01 1
2 2022/05/01 2
3 2022/05/02 1
150 2022/05/08 2


I want to compare on a timeline the sales of a product on the days 2022/05/01-2022/05/08 with the sales on the days 2022/03/10-2022/03/17

I would like the timespan start and end to be defined through variables start1, end1, start2, end2.

I think I have to convert (dynamically) the date to days since start1 for the first line and days since start2 for the second line and add a filter on each line on the date field.

In my head it sounds good but I have no idea how to do it in Qlik Sense

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Use Combo chart and use set analysis for each measure. Change bar into lines