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Load data as current user


Scenario: I'm getting data from our datasource via the REST Api. The data returned from the REST Api is dependant on what user credentials you send with the request. IE right now I'm setting up an app, and use a admin account to get all the data.

Due to some changes I now need to allow users with enormous differences in permissions access to Qlik and this data. People from the entire world with different permissions. A class B user from England would only get class B data from England if that user authenticated the data connection. As you might agree with, it's not really time efficient to set up hundred's  of different apps, all with its own service account to grab the data.

I'm looking for a solution where I can pass along the credentials of the current user to dynamically load the data as _CURRENTUSER_. This feels like a widely needed/used feature, but I can't find anyone describing how to do it in a good way. Super grateful for all the help I can get.



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