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Loop number of records

Hello all,

I have an issue, can any1 help me with this?

I have a folder, that contains subfolders, that contains files.

I want to get the number of records for all files by subfolder, I am not getting the good results.


I have a folder named  'Country'  this folder contains subfolders.

Each subfolder contains 10 files. its the same files that contains different row numbers

I want to calculate the number of rows for all files in each subfolder,

my app reults all the records  number for all the tables in all the subfolders, and what I want is the number of records for tables by subfolder.

example in my result I want to have:

subfoldernameA: contains the file china, file russia(same files but number of records inside is different)

subfoldernameB: contains the file US, file UK (same files but number of records inside is different)

what I want to have is: 

SubfolderName, NumbOfRecords

subfoldernameA, 23 012 records(number of records of all the files inside this subfolder, the file china+the file russia

they contains the same columns)

subfoldernameB, 26 000 records,

Can any1 help me with this?

Thanks ,



2 Replies

What is the file type from sub folder? Is that Excel / QVD's / CSV. Does columns are same from all files?


Hi ,

Thanks for your answer,

The type of file is txt, but there is no extension.

And yes Columns are the same for all files, I just want to count the records

number for all files by subfolder.

example: if the subfolder1 contains files for china and US, I want the number of records in

all these files for the subfolder1

the same for subfolder2

Thank you for your help.