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MAP - IATA airport codes identified as ISO alpha 3 country codes

Hi all,

I added layers (line layer and a point layer) to a Qlik Sense Map with origin airports and destination airports identified as IATA airport codes.

For example : JFK for the John F. Kennedy International Airport

I have some issues when a IATA airport code is the same as a ISO alpha 3 country codes like TLS

TLS is the Toulouse-Blagnac airport (France) but it is also the East Timor country code.


How can I specify to Qlik that these codes have to be identified as IATA airport and no ISO alpha 3 country codes ?

I'm using a line layer and a point layer.


Thanks a lot for your help guyyyyys !

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Contributor III
Contributor III


You could not use the ICAO code better. The ICAO code identifies unique airports, while IATA has duplicate codes (323 according to wikipedia in spanish version).

I suppose you could make an AITA - ICAO relationship.

According to Qliksense help, I should recognize both IATA and ICAO (Location Data)