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Contributor II
Contributor II

Mapping two dates in different tables to one table

I have two different tables in which date1 is in format of MM/DD/YYYY (11/23/2016) and date2 in format of YYYY-MM-DDT08:00:00Z (2016-11-2T08:00:00). I need to convert these date formats to MMM-YYYY and map value related to date2 to date1. Could anyone suggest a solution for this.

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@freceena  try below

date(Date#(Date1,'MM/DD/YYYY'),'MMM-YYYY') as Date1

date(floor(date#(subfield(date2,'T',1),'YYYY-MM-DD')),'MMM-YYYY') as Date2

Contributor II
Contributor II

Thank you for reply. I need to map the value related to Date1 to the table having Date2. For example, (Date1, value1) should be mapped in such a way that after mapping we should get (Date2,value1)