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Monthly data movements using set analysis


My data is at a monthly customer level. I would like to track customer movements between groups.  How do I do this using set analysis?

Sample data:

SnapshotMonth, Cust_ID, Segment

Mar-2016, 1, Mass

Mar-2016, 2, Mass

Mar-2016, 3, Affluent

Mar-2016, 4, Mass

Mar-2016, 5, Affluent

Mar-2016, 6, Mass

Jun-2016, 1, Mass

Jun-2016, 2, Affluent

Jun-2016, 3, Affluent

Jun-2016, 4, Established

Jun-2016, 5, Established

Jun-2016, 6, Affluent

I want my table to show segment movement between Mar to Jun

Mass -> Mass, 1

Mass -> Affluent, 2

Mass -> Established, 1

Affluent -> Affluent, 1

Affluent -> Established, 1

I had the data Joined so it was on one row eg

Mar-2016, 1, Mass, Jun-2016, 1, Mass

Mar-2016, 2, Mass,Jun-2016, 2, Affluent

however, this is inefficient. It doesn't allow the flexibility of comparing different months unless all combinations are loaded.

Each month's dataset has about 2.5 million records. And the table has 100 columns.  The QVD files are large and qliksense is showing slow performance in loading data and loading visualisations.


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