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Partner - Specialist

Multiple milestones and text shadow in Gantt charts, Qlik Sense


😎🚀Just added, two new helpful features for our Project Management Bundle for Qlik Sense! Enjoy a more precise control over the visualization of your data and make better decisions! 🎯🏆

The following new features are available in the AnyGantt extension v 4.1.247:

1🔥 Milestones in Resource Charts
In Resource Gantt charts, now you can display milestones. We've also made it possible to visualize multiple milestones with individual tooltips in one line.

2🔥 Text Shadow Effect
Now it's possible to tune a text shadow in most of the text elements. Shadows can enhance readability on certain backgrounds and give your visualizations more of a wow effect.

📝We have also added other improvements and bug fixes. See the complete release notes in the extension’s version history.

🎁Download the new version and try the awesome features in your own Gantt chart visualizations.

🗣️ What else would you like us to add or improve? Please keep the feedback coming and we will keep building!

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