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Name of space in Qlik Sense SaaS

Hi, I have a question. Do any of you know a function or something similar to know the name of the space in which the app was published, within the app itself? I should retrieve the name of the datafile in order to reconstruct the path:

lib: // [space]: Datafiles / *. qvd

Or it would be enough for me to know the path of the datafile including the name of the space. Thank you

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There are three ways to refer to a data file in a space
[space name]:[Data file] this will use a static link to directory and will not change when the app is published.
:[Data file] this is a relative path and always load from the current space of the app
[Data file] This loads from your personal space

I wrote this blog post about this that you can read here

Would this help you with your use case?