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Needing Some Help with My Custom Theme

Hello All,

I am having a couple of problems with my custom theme.

1. Reference line labels are getting cut off. See the below examples:

Qlik Theme Help.JPGQlik Theme Help 2.JPG

In each of these cases, I have a reference line that is meant to show a target/goal. However, they are getting cut off. This happens no matter how large I make the graph. I need everything to be pretty because I'm not the only one who'll be looking at these reports.

In my custom theme .json file, I have the following code for reference lines. I need the font to be big because the display screen is rather large.

"referenceLine" : {

  "label": {

    "name" : {

      "fontSize" : "32px"




2. I need the data value and label to be bigger on the gauge. As you can see in the above screenshot, there is a lot of empty space and you can barely see the data label "Goal Exceeded!" After trying several different approaches, I have unable to make them bigger. Any ideas?

3. If possible, I would like for the gauge's bar to be thicker. It just looks too skinny when I make the gauge bigger. Of these three issues, this is by far the least important, but it would nonetheless be a relief if it were solved.

Thank you in advance for the help. I'll attach my current .json file so you can what I've done. Let me know if you need any other information from me.


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Similar to problem #2, the measure value labels in my bar graph are practically invisible. You can see them if you look very closely, but those black dots at the end of the bars are numbers, and they're supposed to be visible. I assume that the same solution to problem #2 will be the solution to this, but if that is not the case, please address this issue as well.

Again, I appreciate it.