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Opening an XML File

Hello there,

I need help with the following:

I have several XML files that I need to turn into tables. It all was going good until I realized that the XML format had an attribute that has different values results, but its exactly the same:

-<cfdi:Impuestos totalImpuestosTrasladados="1070.77" totalImpuestosRetenidos="1383.08">


           <cfdi:Retencion importe="669.23" impuesto="ISR"/>

          <cfdi:Retencion importe="713.85" impuesto="IVA"/>

the dimension in the table would look like this:

    [Impuestos/Retenciones/Retencion/importe] as Impuesto1,

but as it is the same xml attribute, it only takes the first value (that would be 669.23); what QV did to load this, was creating a different table, and putting all together with a key, but this does not works when I am loading different xml files with the same script. My question is: how can I load this two values in the same table, even though they are named the same, but have different result values???

thank you, and happy new year (:

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Hello??? I need heeelp, pleaase

Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

When loading multiple XML files, the problem is generally that the QV generated key is duplicated -- which is a problem. Take a look at my second answer in this thread \XML Keys

as to how to generate unique keys per file.