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Contributor III
Contributor III

Pivot Table with Set Analysis

Hi everyone,
I need to show a measure based on the current filter selected (the year in my case), and another one based on the previous year.


Here is the pivot. As you can see, I have null values and I don't want too see them.
I've already checked the settings that seems to be ok.

Here down below my two measures.

Measure 1 (filtered year) :

Measure 2 (filtered year -1):
Min({$<Anno={$(=Max(Anno)-1)}>} Fatture.Prezzo/Fatture.QtaConsumo)

I think that there's something wrong with the second one, but I don't unterstand what.
I need to get only 1 row per measure (of course in the measure 1 there will be the year selected with the filter, while in the measure 2 the previous one).


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Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

You didn't ask a question, so I am not sure what you are asking, Current year expression would be 

Min({$<Anno={$(=Max(Anno))}>} Fatture.Prezzo/Fatture.QtaConsumo)

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Sorry, the editor cut almost I'll edit the post...