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Pivot and P&L Extension limitations when exporting to Excel


We are trying to build P&L Reports in Qlik Sense (September 2019)
These reports will have:

  • Need for coloring
  • Bold and Italic
  • Indentation
  • Export to Excel with formatting

    * We are expecting the below:

    Having a supported pivot table that meets requirements for formatting and export to excel.

    * What is the actual result?

    Supported solutions are coming up short either on the formatting needs or the data layout needs

    We Tried using the:
    1- Standard pivot table and it is lacking the following:
    • When exported to excel coloring is lost
    • When exported to excel, numbers are set to Text Data Type and requires select on Excel to switch to Number Type
    • Bold and Italic formatting not available
    2- New P&L Extension and it is lacking the following:
    • When exported to excel coloring is lost
    • Limited to two dimensions
    • Limited to 9 measures (Not enough for our requirement)
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Creator III
Creator III

These are some of the limitations of the Qlik Sense standard visualizations and the governed extensions. You could try Vizlib (they give you 5 licenses to try for free first), but it's not cheap to license.