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Qlik Sense 2.x fetch data for custom table

We use Qlik embeded in an Aurelia JS Application and just want to load the table data from QlikServer. We have a table created in the hub , but we dont want the whole table we only want to fetch the records.

I try first to use qlik.table



   .then ( function ( model ) {


         var table = qlik.table( model );



          * we got an error model.getData is undefined

          * of course we got this model is a VisualizationModel and dosent have

          * the method getData




I even read about the backendApi but neither qlik nor app have this property. is it possible to getData direcly with qlik || app like a JSON so i can it format by my own ?

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Creator III
Creator III

I am not sure I fully understood.

You could create the app with a  set analisys to keep less data, or use the getDataRow() method...

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Hi and thank you for your answer,

The main problem is:

I create a Singlepage App with Aurelia and want to include QlikJS, so i do not write QlikJS Plugins directly for QlikJS. It is more out of QlikJS.

Mhm to Explain it [ MyApp ] -> uses -> [QlikJS ]

I know i can write Plugins for QlikJS in this case backendApi will be injected/ mixed in into my Plugin that is why this.backendApi.getData( ...) work.

But in case i don't have a plugin, "backendApi" will never mixed in or included into my Scope so i don't have all the functions i want / need to do this.
So first we do is

app = Qlik.openApp ( 'key', config);

on the next step i can load all my data with a HyperCube

app.createHyperCube( config, callback)
.then ( function ( SessionObject ) {

ok this works fine for me, but i can only say give me initial data. So i got 2.000 Entries i dont want to load them all at once, so i just want to load 200 at start and then via infinite scrolling | pagination load again 200 entries. But at this point i dont know how to get more and more data because i dont have the "backendApi".