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Qlik Sense - Is it possible to have more than 1 foreign key?

Hello everyone, I'm creating a dashboard crossing data between 3 Excel spreadhseets: Products sold, Goals, Goals per bimester. 

My problem is: Qlik Sense allows us to create relationships between 1 field in N tables using foreign keys, but in that case, I have 5 fields that are correlated in those tables (Cluster, Country, GBU, Therapeutic Class and Family).
Currently I can only select one field to work across the tables, but I need the 5 to work as foreign keys to let me filter the values from the tables.

How can I solve that problem? 

Best regards, 

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Please share us a photo of your model.

maybe, it would be usesful a linktable

Contributor III
Contributor III

not sure if i'm understanding your needs correctly, here goes:

A. in Qlik Data Manager, you can use 'Custom Association' to define the 5 keys to use in the association.

B. create a new column in Data Manager, and concat the 5 fields as a String. Use it to associate.

For both options, you have to make sure the 5 fields are in all 3 spreadsheet.
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