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Qlik Sense June 2018 - Use of "Next" as a variable name fails


Just in case it may be useful to anyone out there. After upgrading Qlik Sense Server, a number of tasks failed. The cause being I had some variables named "next".

For, Next, Do, If (these I've found so far) seem to be now reserved keywords and you cannot declare variables with their names.

So basically change your variable names to something more orthodox like "vNext".

I have already checked and no, you still cannot use "next" even if you haven't used "for" before.

Some keywords that are not (yet) reserved: LOAD, STORE, LOOP, FROM, LET, SET, DROP, ELSE, END...

Just in case you are about to say it, I know, I KNOW, you should in general avoid using keywords as variable names, but what can I say, it used to work and the variable "next" was getting the value of a field named "next". So, lesson learnt.

PS: Slightly off-topic. It'd be nice the new REST connector assumed the Anonymous Auth Scheme for existing connections instead of making me edit every single connection.

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