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Specialist II
Specialist II

Qlik Sense Map Load Time

Dear all,

Does anyone know what influences the time it takes to load a Qlik Sense map?  I have three maps on a page: 1) Euro map 2) World map with colour by expression and 3) World map with colour by dimension.  when I first loaded the app and opened the sheet this morning it took the following times to load 1) 28s 2) 1m 13s 3) 2m 21s.  I then duplicated the sheet so that each sheet only contained one map.  I opened up the browser again and load times were: 1) 4s 2) 15s 3) 15s.  However, I then opened up the original sheet containing all three maps and the load times were: 1) 4s 2) 30s 3) 30s.  

The tests above seem to point to there being some sort of caching involved.  Does anyone have any experiences to share that might help to reduce load time and to achieve some level of consistency in load time?

Thanks in advance,


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