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Partner - Contributor II

Qlik Sense - Outer Set Expressions Error

Hi all,

I encounter an irregularity when using the outer set expressions in Qlik Sense SaaS. I created a master measure (Gross sales). This master measure contains the following expression:

Sum({<[Sales/retour]*={'Sales'}>} Verkoop_Real)

After this, I created a new measure which uses the master measure with an outer set expression. The filter in the outer set expression is on a year field where the value does not exists in the datamodel. In my logic, the result should be 0.

{<Jaar={2020}>} [Bruto omzet]

Nevertheless,  the result is displayed as show below in the image. Can anyone explain why this happens or provide me with a solution?






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Hi Clownbassie

I cant exactly understand what is you problem


but i think if you switch your "new measure" by this will work:

This only works when the fiel "ProjectName" is selected

if(ProjectName = 'ProjectA', [Bruto omzet])

Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II


My goal was to use these measures in a KPI for year over year comparisons. This implies that when a user selects 2021 it should compare to the previous year 2020. The value for 2020 should be 0 in that case. Therefore, the issue as described above suggests that when 2020 is used in an outer expression, it evaluates as 17.750.964,83.