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Contributor III
Contributor III

Qlik Sense Shared Persistence Stream Visibility


I would like to limit visibility of my streams just to one node.

When I create a stream, it is visible in all nodes.

Example of security rule:


Resource: Stream_*,App_*,App.Object_*,

Rule:user.roles = "UDR_XXX" and ((resource.resourcetype="Stream" and resource.name="XXX") or (resource.resourcetype="App" and resource.stream.name="XXX") or (resource.resourcetype="App.Object" and resource.objectType="sheet" and resource.app.stream.name="XXX") or (resource.resourcetype="ReloadTask" and resource.app.stream.name="XXX")) or (resource.resourcetype="Stream" and resource.name="My Work")

Do you have any idea how to add some condition for stream visibility for one node?

Thank you


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Creator II
Creator II

You can got to LoadBalancing rules in QMC , There you can create a new rule -- ResoucesOnNonCentralNodes

And give the conditions as per your stream id in Advanced conditions section.

((node.iscentral="false" and resource.stream.id!=""))

I hope this helps you.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Sandeep,

it doesn't help. I still see streams in all servers.

Do you have any other idea what can be the problem?