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Qlik Sense - When will there be the ability to.....?

Having used QS 3.0 - 3.2 for the best part of 15 months now, it would appear that we as developers and users are not moving forward with functionality. I could be wrong and I am sure that there are many things that will improve over the coming months, but I am almost to the point of considering a move away from Qlik [to a corporation that has edged ahead on the most recent Gartner quadrant....].

The Qlik Sense experience is a good one, but :

Charting still unable to:

1. Shade background colours

2. Put borders around a chart or table

3. Resize to anything other than the standard [large] grid

4. Include Variables in chart titles


5. PowerPoint and PDF exports are volatile with their sizing and text and value sizes

6. Unable to change text fonts still

7. No App for IPad, Smartphone or Android - yes you can log on to the qlikcloud.com and use the browser but this is not fantastic on IPad or Tablet. Is decent on a Smartphone though to be fair.

17 months ago I fought against the IT Architects within my organisation to implement Qlik ahead of their preferred BI software [provided by the corporation that has edged ahead on the most recent Gartner quadrant....] and now seem to have been humbled by other departments creating output better than my dept when at one point we were the BI leading team.

I would have hoped that some of the basics from Qlikview would have been passed through to Qlik Sense by now? Or is it that I am missing the latest version and some of the above has been applied already? If not, when can we expect to some of the functions listed above?


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Contributor II
Contributor II

I am no one important, but a comment or two.

1) Recently found this great extension that lets you resize the Qlik Sense grid - both increasing the number of snap boxes but also extending the canvas to allow for Infographic-type dashboards:

GitHub - mhamano/Qlik-Sense-Screen-Resizer: The Screen Resizer for Qlik Sense is an extension which ...

2) I'd be curious to hear about your need for a native app.  While apps can be nice, I find with BI products it is much more important to have full functionality on mobile instead.  Most apps out there really pull back on the functionality available.  And I've been blown away with how great Qlik Sense is on mobile when simply connecting to the Hub via Safari (for example).  The full build functionality is much better then I've seen with other vendors.

3) I find that changing fonts and such is generally available in some extension.  Tables have been the largest area where this hasn't been possible I think, but Vizlib just came out with a great new table extension:

Vizlib Qlik Sense Extension Library

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Contributor III

"4. Include Variables in chart titles".

The ability to change static names (and other properties of objects) is also possible through extensions.

Sense - is  an extensions-oriented application.

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Hey Jonathan,

Thanks for your reply.

In short, my native requirements comes from the our Qlikview background. Over time that was build and released to do pretty much everything anyone required, including fancy stuff some of us never actually used. But it also looked good if you designed something well. A bit more customisation is what I am after I guess.

As good as the interactivity and mobile tech is with Sense, I still get requests for PowerPoint outputs, which then need to be laminated and bound and sent out to clients.....and with PowerPoint outputs we have standard corporate formatting with numerous colours and fonts to be applied etc....

I am also trying to get my MI/BI super users 'self serving'. And some of them think that Sense is good, but not as good looking as their static filtered Excel sheets which they can format and colour and font change..and a few of them have now found Power BI add-ons to play with, which has not helped.....

Thanks for the grid resizing and table extensions. VizLab stuff is pretty decent to be fair.


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Thanks Ihor,

I hear you. Like I mentioned above, my super users will not get to play with (or understand) Extensions.....unless I install them...which is my main issue. Ideally a Sense-out-of-the-box-with-some-of-the-available-extensions-out-there-right-now, is what I am craving.




I agree with - ivostapchuk‌‌: QS was designed to be open for UI improvements via custom extensions.. And their installations are much easier than installing "Sense-out-of-the-box", IMHO....

PowerBI looks like a good tool with some potential, but it's a bit immature product... QS is getting better and still has some advantages over competitors in terms of Large Data performance... Yes, UI is not QS's best feature, but 99% of my clients were satisfied with existing components (~30% of them are custom extensions from the Branch or home-developped)....

Just my $0.02...