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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

QlikSense: Expression does not reduce DimensionValues (since Sep'17 Release)

Hi Community,

I would appreciate your help in following issue:

We upgraded QS-release from 3.2 to september release.

We used several bar charts. The dimensions are time (Week) and Category. The expression is a sum of values, limited to past 3 weeks based on max possible date. Meaning, once the user selects a date, the expression displays past three weeks of the selected date.

That scenario worked properly before upgrading QS-release. Unfortunately after we upgraded to Release September 2017 that chart reacted differently.

--> Time dimension was no longer reduced by expression. I found the entire range of the dimension without any chance to reduce it by expression.

I found no "clean" way to solve this problem.

Workaround 1:

Result set of Dimension ''Week'' gets shrinked by usage of aggr(only()), so that view is limited to past 3 weeks.

Unfortunately the chart does not react to changes made in filter ''Date''. Additionally aggr() in Dimension is bad performance.

Workaround 2:

Option ''Include zero values'' in Section ''Add-Ons'' is deactivated.

Unfortunately all zero-values disappear (even for "past 3 weeks"), so that worthwhile information possibly does not get displayed.

Workaround 2.1:

Same scenario as in Workaround 2...

To avoid hiding zero-values within "past 3 weeks" I added an extremely small value (+ 0.0000001) to the expression --> not visible for user. This works but I guess we agree on the statement that manipulation of values should be prevented in all cases.

Does anyone have an idea on that one?

To make this scenario more understandable I built an exemplary app and uploaded .qvf-file.

Hope to get some good ideas. Thanks in advance for your time.


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