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QlikSense - Vertical Table

Hi guys!

I'm hoping to tap into your vast knowledge.

I have a tab in Sense where I would like to display a summary of attributes for the specific selection, i.e. one row per field.

Using a table this results in each field being displayed horisontally and the data in a row beneath. Thus:

2017-01-12 14-31-50.png

What I would like is to have it displayed like this:

2017-01-12 14-31-57.png

Is there a way to do this in QlikSense? Have I missed something obvious?

Thanks, guys 😃


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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi @bill_markham 

Would you know if it possible to change the horisontal menu in a container to a vertical ? Like in the image below. with css ? 

Group 1.png

Thank you! 

Contributor II
Contributor II

Any chance this extension ever made it to production?  I can't find anything similar in the Qlik Garden