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Contributor II
Contributor II

Run chart "year" disappears on x-axis when measure = 0

I have a table like so:

Year ID
2018 43636
2018 26436
2019 74573
2020 34264
2020 45673
2020 21355
2021 45727
2021 23456


I would like to make a run chart with 'year' as the dimension and count(distinct ID) as the measure. Unfortunately, when the data is filtered in a way that the count for a specific year is 0, the year disappears from the x-axis entirely, rather than displaying 0 or leaving a gap (see attached screenshot). I've tried checking "Include Zero Values" under "data handling" as well as playing with the options under "missing values" in "Appearance". I also tried converting the "year" in the load script to the "first day of the year" (i.e. '2019' becomes '2019-01-01') and then using the autocalendar. This sort of worked, but caused other issues. Does anyone have any advice?

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