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Section Access Qlik Sense Desktop use case

I understand that it is not possible to refresh a document from Qlik Sense Desktop that incorporates "Section Access" statements in the load script.

The suggested workaround is to simply upload the QVF to Qlik Sense Enterprise and refresh from the QMC.

However, there is a relatively common use case where this will not work.

Namely, many business users have dashboards with very sensitive data that cannot even be shared with the Qlik Sense Admin.

If was possible to refresh from Qlik Sense Desktop, then the user could simply refresh the document from their laptop, and then upload the document to the HUB via the QMC.

The Admin would not be able to open the document on the server due to Section Access restrictions.  Nor would they be able to open a downloaded version, also due to Section Access restrictions.

We were planning on running with this use case (since it works in QlikView), but realized that we will not be able to do this.

So the ultimate workaround is simply a manual distribution of the QVF to the various users (which forces us back off of tokens).

So hopefully a product manager or someone in Qlik sees this and considers adding Section Access (or at least providing a stand-alone loader) to allow for this use case to happen.

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