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Creator III
Creator III

Selected Dates Issue

I have a data set with ETL Date and Amount.  Requirement is that  when the user selects 2 different ETL Dates,  it should give me the below:

-Sum(ETL Date 1) - Sum( Etl Date 2)

-Sum(ETL Date 1)


Sum(ETL Date 2)

I used  the below expression to  get the difference between 2 selected dates but it works only for a straight table  with ETL Date as a Dimension.  I need expression which can give me the above 2 requirements even in a KPI  or Text Object.

Attached please find the sample app with the sample data

-Above(Sum(Amount))* Avg(1))

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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hi @Rehan ,

Got a bit confused regarding what you are trying to achieve. 

But if in the attachment, the scenario is:

>Select 2 dates
>Get the difference of both the days sales then,

Use this formula: 

=Sum({<[ETL Date] = {"$(=Max([ETL Date]))"}>}Amount)
Sum({<[ETL Date] = {"$(=Min([ETL Date]))"}>}Amount)


Attached the qvw for reference. let me know if there is some different expectation.




Creator III
Creator III

I need the max and MIn date from the 2 selected dates not from the entire data set