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Serious design flaw with Sense script editor not saving!

For some reason this got posted in the newbie section where it does not belong.

Don't know how many times I have lost work because the script editor does neither save nor keep the session alive.
This is a serious design flaw. You do some serious scripting with much thinking involved and then ... "bang" ... your session has ended after 30 minutes of active scripting. Everything is then lost and you must start over again.

Was in contact with support regarding this and their reply is it is a known bug without solution,
use Ctrl-S to save your work regularly!

If it is a known bug then you would expect them to fix it!
No, instead they ask for a video of the problem? And how big is the affected customer.
A video of me intentionally wasting my time in the script editor to get "session ended"?
It is a no brainer to replicate and the size of the customer should not matter when it
comes to a known bug affecting many customers.

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