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Strange If function behaviour...


I have a "drop down" widget on a report that can take 3 values: "Region", "Office" or "Top25". Whichever is selected is stored in the variable vBaseline.

If I create a "Text and Image" object on my report and use the following expression:



if(vBaseline='A_CON_OT_REGION' or vBaseline='A_CON_OT_OFFICE',

'Region or Office’,


)) behaves as expected: When I change the dropdown object the value returned by the expression is as correct. If, however, I now replace 4th line as per below it misbehaves:



if(vBaseline='A_CON_OT_REGION' or vBaseline='A_CON_OT_OFFICE',




If I select region or office in the drop down then I get the correct value (as calculated by the 4th line). If I select "TOP25", however, I now get a NULL response!!!!


I would love to able to solve this one!


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