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Struggling with Qlikview to QlikSense migration?

Let me shed some light upon simplicity of  migration from QlikView to QlikSense. Need to consider below points, 

1. How to use QVW?

You just need to drag a QVW app (QlikView file extension) and drop it into your QlikSense Desktop, that’s it. This will convert the QVW file into a QVF (QlikSense app file extension) and load the same data for you.

2. Same load script?

If you hit the reload button right after an app conversion, you will get an error popup with a message:

This statement only works with lib:// paths in this script mode

It will be like - [lib://<connectionName>/sheet.xlsx]

To solve this and be able to reload normally you just need to recreate the connection to the data sources using QlikSense Data connection libraries.

3. Charts compatibility?

No they aren’t.  However expressions are fully compatible, any formula or functions or complex expressions can simply be copied and pasted into the new environment.

4. Dimensions and expressions

Some utilities created to get all QlikView 11 dimensions and expressions and convert them to QlikSense as master items. 

5. What will happen with Variables?

Since the release of Qlik Sense 2.1.1 variables (both script and design) are created automatically when migrating an app from QlikView.

6. Can we reuse QVDs?

Yes, we can reuse the QVDs created with QlikView and load the data fast into QlikSense.



Shubham Deshmukh

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Hi @Shubham_Deshmukh 

Both products are different, but Qlik Sense is adding constantly new features to provide same capabilities available in QlikView, I do not think is going to be an easy 3 step procedure to go from one to another but the latest version of the governance dashboard has a new sheet where it shows what applications might be a good option to start with for that transition.

QVD's can be used in both QlikView and Qlik Sense.

There are some differences in script options, you also will need to review Section Access scripts to make it work with Qlik Sense.

Kind Regards.

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Hi @NadiaB ,

Agree, I know it is not that much simple, I just mentioned upper level fundamentals which have to be taken into consideration for migration, wanted to help those which are facing this scenario. Nothing else.


Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor


there is a converter which provides some kind of support while migrating from qv to qs (https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense-developer/June2020/Subsystems/Dev-Hub/Content/Sense_Dev-Hub/Conver...).