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Take snapshot of a sheet after the reload has finished

Hello everyone ,

I have a question regarding taking a snapshot when a document has finished reloading in the QMC.

The question is how it can be done using QMC or if there are other ways to do this automatically when the document has finished reloading?

Thank you!

I have tried to create a Supporting Task in the QMC, in which i have defined a .vbs script file, but it does nothing.

The script inside the .vbs file looks like this:

set Qv = CreateObject("QlikTech.QlikView")

Set QvDoc = Qv.OpenDoc ("C:\Users\myuser\Desktop\doc.qvw","","")

QvDoc.ActivateSheet "SH01"


QvDoc.Sheets("SH01").ExportBitmapToFile "C:\Users\myuser\Desktop\doc.jpg"



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yes. that will be really a useful feature !

nobody ?!