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Contributor III
Contributor III

Two Pass Calculation ?

Dear All,

I have a tricky data modelization to reslove. I build successfully monthly and weekly stock reports.

So now users want to select any date of the calendar. I can handle this request.. I have all the data movements ^^ (and it's working very well.)

But the tricky part, its the "season" analysis: for some reasons.. some products do not have always the same season over the time...

Please a simplified version of my data

The referencial: where we can see that the product "P1" has it's season updated the 1st of June


Here the expected results :


Because of the P1 product is carry over the 2nd of June.. it's season for the analysis should be "Carry Over". 

if someone has some ideas how to do that in QlikSense he is welcome. Maybe there is a "name" for this king of request, I did some search but I did not find anything relevant..

I added an excel sheet with some dummy data

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Hi @girard_ben 

If I read your analysis correctly - I think you would require the intervalmatch() function in Qlik. This will give you the season value based on a date range. 

Good luck.



Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Lalphonso

The "IntervalMatch" is only in the "Script Part" , isn't it ?

I want to achieve this functionality in the presentation/layer part ...

It's seems like an aggregatable ... were the value of the field of the "Season" is depending of the last date of the range (per product)